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The program has Master and Doctorate levels and is destined for graduates in Medicine or other related areas. We consider master and doctorate as independent and terminal levels of teaching, qualification and titling, considering:

a) For Masters, the acquisition of skills in several scenarios of the student's field of operation in an autonomous and critical manner; empowering the student to resolve problems of growing complexity, to prepare and teach classes, and to elaborate and conduct research and scientific work projects;

b) for the Doctorate, the acquisition of skills in the students' field of operation, empowering them to reflect on new situations, to adopt attitudes that enable them to integrate cognitive aspects and abilities with ethical and bioethical elements in the development of research lines and in the execution of their own independent projects; the Doctor should be able to create and lead research centers, acting with creativity in the development and application of research methodologies and helping to develop qualified human resources for teaching, research and provision of medical services of excellence in the hospital network, in the community and in the public Unified Health System (SUS) as a whole;

c) Post-Doctorate as a program of study and research for a limited time, developed by a person who holds the title of Doctor, not constituting a course or a specific level of postgraduate studies nor conferring degree or academic title.

The set of course subjects provides the theoretical basis to be developed along with the students to support the concentration areas and their research lines with emphasis on scientific methodology, including biostatistics with non-linear models, the technological assessment in health and the clinical decision making process and complex systems theory.

The Graduate Studies Program in Cardiology has 16 full faculty members and most have a productivity scholarship of FAPERJ, CAPES or CNPq. Currently, the program has a Senior Visiting Professor, Prof. Cláudio Gil Soares, and an External Visiting Professor, John Edward Hesketh, PhD – Newscastle University.

The Master and Doctorate Courses currently have 51 students of which 24 have scholarships (11 master's students, 10 doctorate students and 3 students of interunivesity exchange doctorate).  There are also 3 students connected with the postdoctoral course. The scholarships are provided by CAPES-DS and CNPq.

Students who completed the program are professors and/or researchers at all universities of Rio de Janeiro, in many states of the country and in universities in other countries. Former students occupied positions in universities as presidents or vice-presidents and also as health secretaries of many states.

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